The moment all staff / legit players have been waiting for, and hackers has whished it never came.
The Rules. *tam* *tam* *tam*

Yeah but let's be serious here.
The rules are ones that are most forgotten and most abused of all.
That's why I took some good time into writting it, including as much exclusions or "bypasses" if you wish.
Read them carefully and make sure you know them so you don't accidently break them.
Of course we have staff for the ones that don't think these rules apply to them, because they are "specal".
Loop-holes are not appreciated and can result in a permanent ban if you don't report them to staff.
Discord will be included in all rules, bypassing the rules by doing it via discord will be punished in-game as well. Discord bans / kicks can be a result of trying to bypass rules using discord or any other form of messaging.
Don't think I am trying to spread fear, but you know it is important to point out important things.

More updates will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
Have fun.

- Deze