We have introduced Unban Appeals. Nice, fun to get your unban. But! There are rules bound to it. Well, two actually.
1. You need to fill in the appeal according to the following template below, otherwise it will be closed instantly.
2. If you lie about any detail, you might get the chance that your Unban Appeals will become denied instantly. At first we will deny the first. If you keep on lying, we will even deny all future unban appeals of you. So be aware of this, you got warned!

Template below this line
Post Title: [Unban Appeal] Username
Minecraft: Username
Discord: Discord#1234
Reason of ban: Reason
*What happened before the ban? (Be specific and detailed!): Explanation
Who banned you? (If name is given): Name of staff who banned you
*Why do you think the ban was unfair?: Explanation on why it is unfair
Note: The questions marked with an asterisk (*) should be as detailed as possible to determine the full story. With only half the story, we cannot do much.